16 ways for get healthy

16 Ways to Get Healthy

16 ways to get healthy
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Welcome to Daily Skin Health. today i will tell you about how to get good health from many things eating or avoiding.

[Part 1]

[Part 1]

No tobacco (no harm because there is a hundred harms)

[Part 2]

Don’t overeat (no need for a doctor in the stomach 7 minutes)

[Part 3]

The one using bad oil is the worst for the body

  1. Oxidized oil
  2. Timed oils, originally oxidized oils, when cooked in the microwave and then milled (except for Cauliflower), even good oils oxidize when ripe or exposed to sunlight
  3. Trans unsaturated fatty acid

It is very poisonous because it has the same structural formula as plastic. Margarine, shortening, snacks, chocolate, etc. are in this form

  1. Excessive intake of linoleic acid oil

Linoleic acid oil is a necessary oil, but if taken too much, it will be very harmful.

1.α-linolenic acid
・Flux oil (However, drink 1 spoon directly or sprinkle on raw vegetables, do not heat.)
・Sacha inch oil (Sacha inch oil is the oil that is rich in Omega 3 and can be eaten deliciously over a fire)

  1. Oleic acid: olive oil, rapeseed oil, palm oil (these are used for cooking over fire)
  2. Butter Guy Head Lard (These are just a few)

[4] Sweet things are body poison

The cause of intestinal rot. Especially, the dish using white sugar is poisonous at worst and cools the body. Use a small amount of Ragen, Rakanka, rice candy, malt syrup, honey, etc.

[Part 5]

Don’t eat a midnight snack or snack. Rather modest breakfast, eat domestic fruits.

[Part 6]

Raw vegetables are important and it is better to eat more

For dressing, use high-quality oil such as flax oil and incainchi oil, good salt, and good soy sauce.
Macrobiotic may be followed when the body is very cold.
To avoid more stress on your stomach, squeeze it using a cold press juicer.

[Part 7]

It is better not to eat a lot of protein.

Humans are made of protein, but it is better to eat foods other than protein. The daily intake of protein is limited to 40g (up to 50g at most).
Modern people are poisoned by the myth that it is better to eat a lot of protein and become lifestyle-related diseases.

[Part 8]

The key to good health is to drink “good water”.

[Part 9]

The most important meal is the staple food (rice).

5 to 6 staple foods and 4 to 5 side dishes. The staple food is eaten for 7 minutes, 5 minutes, and 3 minutes from rice, soba, Libre noodles, and Libreflower. However, during lunch and dinner.

[Part 10]

Use genuine salt, soy sauce, miss, and vinegar. Dash i uses kelp or dried shiitake mushrooms and dried bonito flakes

[Part 11]

[Part 11]

Japanese people don’t like milk.

Especially, milk becomes atopic dermatitis and allergic rhinitis, which makes the body acidic and its calcium is not well absorbed. Seaweed is abundant in calcium and other minerals.
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[Part 12]

Stools and fart odors are good indicators of health.

It is so good that there is no rotten odor. The thicker and more solid the stool is, the better.
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[Part 13]

It is preferable to eat fruit for breakfast.

Any number of fruits can be used, and the amount can be large. You had better not eat anything other than fruits.
If you are not confident in digestion, it is very good to eat nothing in the morning.
If you want to make it easier, you can experience the feeling of rejuvenating your mind and body by using pure synergy as a breakfast.

[Part 14]

Avoid or reduce those with a lot of additives (ham, kaboom, wiener sausage, etc.) and those with a lot of pesticides.

[Part 15]

Getting enough sleep (go to bed before midnight)

[Part 16]

Do not use a microwave oven or mixer.

It is easy to destroy nutrients and oxidize. The juicer in which the enzyme that does not destroy nutrition is alive is the “green power juicer”. This is recommended.

*In our company, we have prepared a new steam power oven NEW Grand Chef with no electromagnetic waves (microwave) as a “third choice” to replace the microwave oven.

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